Videoder is not Working – Fix

Sometimes you find it difficult to download the Videoder app or facing an error while running the app. It could be for many reasons one of them is might be you are not using the latest version of the app is requiring certain updating.


Common errors and fixed them –

Make sure you have the latest android videoder app or a latest videoder ios app (if you are on iphone)

To update the app on android-

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Go to my apps and game
  • Find the videoder app and click on the update.

Enable the Auto-update

Eabling the auto-update option for the app, it will update automatically or you will get the notification to update it.

  • Open the videoder app from my apps and games in the Google play store
  • On the top right-hand side, you will see a three-dot menu. You will find the Enable Auto-update option there.

Update app Videoder App in Windows

You can follow here for the viderder for pc app installation.

  • Open the store, you can find the store icon in the taskbar or you can just search for a store.
  • In the store window click of the user icon
  • Now select downloads
  • In the next window, you will find a check for update, click on that. It will show you if any update required for the videoder app
  • Also, keep on the auto-update option – click on the user icon then click on setting. The very first option you will find the option Update Apps Automatically. Make it on.

Hanging or Not Opening –

Sometime you would find the videoder app is getting hanged or taking too much time while open. In this situation, you need to clear the cache data.

Clear App’s cache data and extra data on Android –

  • Go to the settings
  • Find the app manager
  • Find and select the videoder app
  • Click on the storage option where you will find the options of Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • After clearing both data just restart the device. You will find the app working properly.
  • You may lose your downloaded videos. You can download them again.
  • Go to the settings
  • Select sim card settings
  • Select airtel
  • Now select Access Point Names – APN
  • Now create new APN with

Conclusion – overall Videoder app is a good entertaining app That allows you to download videos, music, and images from different sources. It easy to use all the problems are common ones.

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