Videoder old Version App – Download APK

Videoder is an android app which is created by a group of young engineers. This app is especially created for movie and music lovers. This is a tool that helps you to search any video of personal choice. There is a personalized search engine comb out different streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo and so many other websites. The videos of your choice can be downloaded directly to your android phone as well. In latest version of videoder apk, there are more features but still the older versions have many things which users loves. You can download the videoder app for ios as well.


Videoder old version

The quality option can also be customised. There are different options which allow the various qualities of downloaded videos. If you have a strong network connection and rich data pack then you can download the video in high definition format. The formats like MP4, FLV or 3GP format. The application searches for all kinds of materials available. From video clips to funny videos to movies, anything and everything will come under the radar of this application. If you want to install videoder app on your windows pc or mac then you can install the same way.


  • You can enjoy videos with great clarity and high definition videos in this application are not a problem here.
  • It can help the downloaded videos to convert into MP3 format. Also the existing videos of the gadget can be converted through this application. Jiffy format is also another mode into which the downloaded videos can be converted.
  • You can search and download music from the sites like SoundCloud, YouTube or Voot for free. Music files can be downloaded into MP3 or MP4 format. The 4K resolution visibility is another great boon of this app.
  • There is an inbuilt browser that lets you browse all websites across whole world.
  • A section is dedicated to see what on the home page of the app to see what is going on trend.
  • The channel and playlist options offer you to download the music or movie at one click.
  • The download options are really fast, you do not have to wait for the download link to appear while you are busy with some other job. You can multitask and a single click will be enough to download the chosen file.
  • You can use the multiple selections by which you can select multiple movies and videos. You can keep them adding one after another. More than 100 videos and audios will be downloaded in one click.
  • The downloading is done much faster with the Videoder app. You can use multiple network connection. It will depend upon your network quality and a number of connections will boost the maximum speed for the downloading through this app.
  • This is a free application. You can stream or download music from SoundCloud without paying any rental or subscription. Unlimited downloading is free with this app. You can download as many numbers of videos and audio files from any source without any restriction.
  • You can watch the preview of any video in HD or SD before actually downloading it.
  • Autoplay mode offered in this app will let the videos play one after another without any break. No need to select the next video when one has ended.

Videoder old Version App – Download APK

You will not get the download link for this app in any playstore as the terms and condition of this app does not allow it to be on the playstores.  There are so many other sites that offer the link to download the videoder app. Download and install it in your android gadget to enjoy the free download of music and movie files.

You can download this app from any link available on internet and enjoy the features on your mobile. There are no advertisements to interrupt the videos you have downloaded.

This ad free experience is a bonanza for the app users, as the video experience will be more beautiful and delighted from now on.

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